Mountain Home's Lead Dog at Packice WLD WPD WWPD WTD WPDA WTDA WPDX*

D.O.B: 15/05/10
Hips: 2;4 Eyes: Clear ( June '15)
Height: 25"
Weight: 38kg

Polyneuropathy: Genetically clear
Long Coat gene: N/F Carrer

DNA Profile V628845
AMCA ChD cert # : 14238

Leader is our resident clown. He does something to make us smile every day. While he sometimes plays the fool, there is no doubting he's a highly intelligent, athletic boy.

Leader is an outstanding working dog, with tremendous drive and enthusiasm. He is also a natural at lead too, following in his grandad Sunny's "paw steps"

He is on the go from dawn to dusk, and never seems to do “still” for very long, which means "sit stays" are not his forte.

Leader has a fantastic temperament and is very "same sex" tolerant, something that is essential in a working "team" breed.

He loves interaction with people, but will quite happily amuse himself playing with toys for hours at a time. His squeaky Cuz toys are a definite favourite.

Leader is a really talkative chap who always likes to have the last word.  He has a cheeky expression, and like Dash, always wears a “rewarding” smile on his face.

Although only lightly shown through the summer months, Leader has had some great success, with multiple high placing at champ and open shows.  He has fantastic harsh coat, dark eyes, thick neat ears, perfect tail and topline, and a powerful gait.

We are truly indebted to Sue and Roy for this exceptional boy.

Leader is available to stud to approved bitches only.